Our Story

Every journey has to begin somewhere. Ours takes place in 2010 when sisters, Laura “Merritt” Walker and Cristie "Merritt" Taylor, decided to take a leap of faith, follow their dreams, and open ShopbellaC. This may sound like a familiar tale, but unlike the rest, Laura and Cristie knew in their hearts they had just created a one of a kind shopping experience. Hard work and their love for fashion motivated these kind hearted sisters to take Laura’s marketing degree and Cristie’s fashion merchandising degree and open up a place where all felt welcome and fashion was the root of happiness. The two wanted to create a store that not only represented who they were on the outside, but also on the inside. Their dream quickly rose to reality.

Humble beginnings bring big blessings in the ShopbellaC world. What began as a home business with simple jewelry and gift parties then expanded to a jewelry and gifts shop that marketed to large holiday shows throughout the Southern states. Shortly after they quickly expanded to an online boutique that included clothing, shoes, gifts, and jewelry. In 2013, Cristie and Laura were thrilled to open their doors in Searcy, Arkansas to a brand new storefront.

Though the brick and mortar store of ShopbellaC may be based in the beautiful Searcy, Arkansas, Cristie and Laura’s roots run a little deeper in southern charm. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, these two were constantly exposed to the kind hearted individuals around them, as well as, the impeccable sense of southern style. However, these sisters were not pigeon hold to just one location. Their love for travel would expose them to beautiful cities and exquisite towns that would inspire them to meld the hearts of their southern lifestyle with an eclectic look on fashion abroad. Being able to experience the best of both worlds, so to speak, Cristie and Laura wanted to make their boutique something very special. The two hand pick all the merchandise themselves and don personal touches throughout that allow every shopper to travel to a new and exciting place within their boutique. 


Today, Cristie and Laura are extremely proud of their SBC team as they reflect on the incredible growth of ShopbellaC! “Our wonderful staff is one of the aspects that makes SBC so special and unique! They are incredibly hard working and strive to make every single customer feel very welcomed and appreciated!  Our SBC team is very dedicated to our mission statement  ‘Shop. Share. Serve.’ We strive to fulfill it everyday! We love meeting new customers, helping them feel beautiful, and have fun shopping for new clothing, jewelry and accessories!” –Laura Walker 

These two wonderful sisters have been devoted to making ShopbellaC a place where any woman can escape for an hour or two, let down her hair, and simply have fun shopping again. ShopbellaC not only loves our local gals, but welcomes those from out-of-town as well. Experience what ShopbellaC is all about right through your computer screen with social media and our online store. Our goal at ShopbellaC is to inspire those who shop with us to go and live their dream, and look great while doing it. 



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