Vacation Packing

We all know the familiar feeling of being SO excited to head out for vacation, but dreading the packing that has to be done in order to go. If you have a vacation coming up, you may need a little bit of motivation to get going on packing up your bags and we have just the tips that will help!

The biggest mistake most packers make is that they fold all of their clothes neatly into squares, when they should be rolling them up to avoid having wrinkles in them when you reach your destination! Not only does it keep wrinkles away, but it also allows you to pack MORE, just in case you’re like most and want to have outfit options. Another huge tip for those of you packing up here soon is to make a packing list, and start DAYS before you leave! When you give yourself plenty of time, you don’t dread the huge task near as much.

Wherever you are packing for this summer, do it with excitement because you’re going on an adventure that will be exciting, fun, and memorable! Just try to sit back, relax, and remember that other people are working while you’re enjoying a getaway. Don’t forget to #showyourSBC so we can see all of the super fun places you visit this summer!!!