The Bachelorette Fan Girl: James Taylor

What is it about James Taylor that makes him so incredibly dreamy? Is it that his smile can melt our hearts before we can even blink or is it the way he can play guitar and serenade us at any time? We think it’s BOTH! If JoJo Fletcher doesn’t end up seeing it, we are totally up for offering James Taylor a shoulder to cry on.

We all know that The Bachelorette is a show on ABC, designated to aid the girl in finding her true love. So, what about the other 23 men?! They deserve all the love, too. But we can't help but have a favorite. James is so kind, funny, and super talented. We are a SUPER fan girl. I mean how can you not love a man who rocks chambray and duels over the best outfit! 

The owners of ShopBellaC actually went to college with James, and did a collaboration last week on Instagram to give away two Meet & Greet passes to a lucky pair of girls! If you don’t want to miss out on any other collaborations in the future, go follow @shopbellac on Instagram!