New Year. New Resolutions. Same Great Company

Well, I guess you thought we had completely forgotten about our blog. Oh no! We could never do that. 2016 has been, well to say the least, CRAZY! We wanted to give a quick recap of what our year has been like, and what we are DREAMING about in 2017.

2 of the biggest things to happen to our ShopbellaC Family happened in 2016. Owner, Laura Walker, and her family welcomed the newest addition to their family. Baby Chamberlain was born in May, and the Walker family has never been the same.

Big Brother Beckham welcoming his Little Brother, Chamberlain, into the world.

Momma Laura & Baby C! 

Happy New Year from Laura, David, Beckham, & Chamberlain.

So along with a new baby, the ShopbellaC Family also gained a new man in our lives. Owner, Cristie Taylor, got married to the love of her life, Garrett, in May as well. Yes, I know isn’t that a whirlwind for a month and a year!!

With all the new additions, our whirlwind of a summer didn’t stop there. Cristie and Garrett made the move from Searcy, Arkansas to Dallas, Texas to join Laura, David, Beckham & Chamberlain. So now both of the original Merritt Sisters were back in the same town.

2016 was an amazing time in our personal lives, but and even better time for our company. We learned so many fun, new ways to reach out to YOU, our customers, and updated our site to make shopping even more enjoyable!

2017 is just around the corner and there are a few things were definitely want to achieve.

  • We want to make this year our biggest year in GIVING BACK. Whether it be in the community or somewhere else in the world. Not only do we want to be a successful company, but we also want to share in our success.


  • We want to HEAR from YOU! We are constantly trying to figure out what you want to see from us. We want to be as accessible as possible to make you feel like you are apart of the family.


  • Now our final resolution is kind of a SURPRISE! Big things are happening at the ShopbellaC Headquarters in 2017. Stay tuned until the end of January to find out what we will be revealing.

Some Of Wonderful ShopbellaC Store Front Girls with owner, Laura.

Owners, Laura & Cristie, with Social Media & Web Manager, Meghan.

As the year is winding down, we just wanted to say, “THANK YOU!” None of this would even be possible without you. Each and every day you help make our dreams a reality, and we truly are grateful for all of the love and support you give our business. We pray each and every day that God will continue to bless our company, and that HIS blessings will be shown through us. Happy New Year to our ShopbellaC Customers!! May 2017 be the best year yet!


The ShopbellaC Family