James Taylor Meet & Greet

Last Thursday, we met up with our college friend and handsome bachelorette contestant James Taylor. We teamed up for a Meet & Greet Giveaway! It was such a treat getting to meet Jackie the lucky winner of the giveaway.  The night was an absolute blast and we loved getting a closer look at what his life was like while on “The Bachelorette” show! 

We headed to fort worth for Enchiladas & Margs at the one and only Joe T. Garcia’s Cantina. While there we got to hear the inside scoop from James about his friendships, feelings on dating a girl with multiple boyfriends and what it was like being filmed 24/7 for a reality TV show. James told us how he has kept really close with all of the guys and has loved having the opportunity to meet such an awesome diverse group.

Our hearts completely melted as he talked about JoJo. He spoke so highly of her and how much class she had while he was on the show.  We know your probably feeling super envious of Jackie right now which we can't blame you but be sure to follow along on our SBC Instagram page @shopbellac because you never know when we might do another Meet and Greet :)