An Interview with Rachel Tchen from The Bachelor

As much as we LOVE “The Bachelor”, we LOVE our girl Rachel Tchen even more! It was such a wonderful time catching up with our friend and previous co-worker to ask her some questions about her time in the Bachelor Mansion. For those of you who have always wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of the love fest, here are the answers, given directly from Rachel Tchen!

What is there to do in the mansion besides lay by the pool and receive roses?

Rachel Tchen: “EAT! Haha that was really my favorite part. But during the day, they have you do some interviews which can take up quite some time in the day. And a lot of what isn't aired is when we play silly games and have lots of time to get to know the girls so well. That's why the majority of us come out so close because we had so much time to share about ourselves.”

How well do you know the owners of Shop Bella C?

Rachel Tchen: “I LOVE the owners of SBC! I've become so close with Cristie and Laura throughout the years. First being introduced by my best friend, also their cousin, and then having the opportunity to work at the store as their employee!”

What were the rose ceremonies like and how often do you see Chris Harrison?

Rachel Tchen: “They were long, miserable, and silent. We would stand there in our heels for a few hours waiting to hear our name called. Everyone is always tense and especially if you don't have a rose then you start panicking as each rose gets handed out. We didn’t see Chris often, only when he brought in the date cards, made toasts and announced the final rose.. Just in case someone doesn't notice that there is only one rose left.. Thanks for the help, Chris.”

Are you currently watching JoJo’s season? If so, who is your pick?

Rachel Tchen: “Of course! Gotta support my girl! I personally think that Jordan is a front runner because he has a slick and suave feel to him, he's also sweet.”

To say that we are incredibly proud of Rachel is an understatement. We supported her on the show, and we support her after as she continues her life and reaches goals she has set for herself! Keep checking in for more behind the scene exclusives!