Packing Up To Find Love

This Time On "The Bachelor"...
Rachel Tchen on The Bachelor

By now we are all invested in the love life of Ben Higgins. We have sat around with our girlfriends for the past three weeks, trying to skillfully determine who the next “Mrs. Higgins” will be. While there are so many interesting and fun personalities on the show, one thing we can all agree on is all these girls have some serious STYLE of their own.

ShopbellaC on The Bachelor

“The Bachelor” may be about finding love, but it is also a chance to see some amazing dresses at the rose ceremony, as well as the cute outfits the girls don while they’re hanging with Ben or just chatting by the pool. Lucky for you, we can give you a chance to actually snag some of those cute pieces in our online clothing boutique, because our Bella Babe, Rachel Tchen, rocks all ShopbellaC while on the show!

Rachel Tchen from ShopbellaC

Before Rachel flew out for filming, our head stylist Cristie helped her pack for the show. The SBC family has known Rachel for quite some time and wanted to help as much as possible, so Cristie was more than happy to help out any way she could. One of Rachel’s biggest packing challenges was that not only did she have to pack everything in two suitcases for four WHOLE months, but she ALSO had to be prepared for anything from the Arctic to the Equator in terms of temperature. This is where Cristie stepped in with her “Traveling Life Hacks.” The key piece of advice for Rachel was to pack her heaviest shoes in her carry-on bag in order to maximize suitcase space and weight for the big trip. I think we can all thank Cristie for that tip.

Shoes from ShopbellaC on The Bachelor

Packing her suitcase was not the only problem Rachel faced. She also needed to be able to reinvent looks while at on the show. Cristie took Rachel’s carefree, fun, and bubbly personality into account when picking her wardrobe. She chose pieces that Rachel could mix and match easily, while still helping her stand out amongst all the other girls for all the right reasons! Cristie knew she would need versatile clothing that she could wear many ways to look like a brand new look. Rachel could turn a coverup into a dress, or even hangout wear.

Rachel Tchen wearing ShopbellaCRachel Tchen ShopbellaC Online Clothing BoutiqueThe Bachelor Rachel Tchen

Every week we love getting the chance to see one of our SBC girls light up the screen and watch as she tries to find true love. Watching her and Ben make a connection makes packing until 2am all worth it! We love spending time with our sweet Rachel, and we can’t wait to see where Ben will take her next, and of course, what she will be wearing!

Rachel Tchen ShopbellaC on The Bachelor

Rachel Tchen Online Clothing Boutiques ShopbellaCRachel Tchen on The Bachelor Season 20

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