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The Bachelor and ShopbellaC

Tis the Season to Fall for BEN & TCHEN

For 20 seasons, we have fallen in love with the idea that one reality television show can bring two people together. Every Monday we sit down with our girlfriends to watch the drama unfold on “The Bachelor.” Some girls watch to see what exotic date they will come up with next, some watch and hope that true love can prevail, and some of us just love to see what will happen next. But this season, your online clothing boutique is thrilled to announce one of our very own #BELLABABES, RACHEL TCHEN, IS ON THE BACHELOR!!

Rachel Tchen from ShopbellaC

On Monday, we all got to meet the lucky ladies vying for the heart of Ben Higgins. Some wore roses on top of their heads, others brought in their miniature ponies, and some were just so crazy their personality alone made them stand out (cough cough Lace). But our girl Rachel stole the show for us as she rode in on a hoverboard! Rachel worked at SBC as a model while in college and stole our heart with no rose ceremony needed! We could not be more thrilled that she decided to take a chance on love and hopefully find love with Ben. Now you may be thinking we are a little bias, (duh) but as this season unfolds, you too will see Rachel’s heart of gold and contagious, upbeat personality that will having you wanting Ben to pick her too!
We are so excited that it’s all finally happening, and are excited that we will get to share some fun inside scoops as the show goes on through Rachel Tchen!

First things first.... THE DRESS!

                               Rachel Tchen on The Bachelor

Rachel Tchen The Bachelor Dress Rachel Tchen Bachelor Dress (back)

So, after watching many episodes of “The Bachelor,” we all know two things to be true. The first meeting is crucial, and the dress is everything! Rachel came to us wanting to know if we could help her find the perfect look for when she would first meet Ben. We took Rachel down to West Monroe, LA, and were grateful to have the opportunity to have Rachel wear one of Sadie Robertson’s formal gowns from her Sherri Hill collection! We knew Rachel would look stunning in one of these gowns, but also loved how the collection of evening gowns were not only gorgeous, but modest as well. We spent whole the day with Rachel, trying on different Sherri Hill gowns until we found the perfect one. Some were to die for (I mean, seriously, everything looked amazing on her), but ultimately we knew the one that was made for her. It was the "Knock Out" (like herself) with a dramatic train that was sure to help her stand out from the sea of women. She wanted to feel comfortable, yet confident. The dress she fell in love with was of course the one you saw Monday night. We did want to give an inside look at the other dresses that were the could-have-beens. Thanks again to Sadie and Sherri Hill for making our girl look amazing.

                    Rachel Tchen Sadie Robertson DressRachel Tchen in a Sherri Hill Gown

Rachel Tchen ShopbellaC Gown

The fun part about having one of our SBC girls on “The Bachelor” is that we got to help her pack for the trip. Stay tuned every Monday night to see Rachel rocking pieces from your favorite online clothing boutique that you can actually buy yourself! Here’s keeping our fingers crossed that our girl finds her Prince Charming!