Shop for a Cause - Bracha

Last time, we talked about Half United and everything they’re doing to end hunger around the world. Today’s “Shop for a Cause” blog entry continues our focus on faith, family, and friends, and why we carry those brands that are doing great things to tackle real-world issues. We’re proud to offer brands such as Bracha in our online boutique store, so read on to learn more about them!

Bracha Jewelry from ShopbellaC

Bracha is another fabulous jewelry line founded by sister siblings with a love for fashion and passion for freedom. One night after hearing Christine Caine, founder of The A21 Campaign, speak of the statistics on human trafficking and sex slavery, Michelle and Sayra’s eyes were opened to modern-day slavery. Their hearts were stirred to do something that would support this cause.

The idea was to create beautiful jewelry for beautiful people like you! In Hebrew ''[Bra.ka]'' means blessing, and that is what Bracha intends to be through every one of their designs. Their pieces are designed one-of-a-kind and handmade. The goal is that when you wear Bracha pieces, conversations will be sparked and awareness will be raised about the issue of human trafficking.

We hope that each woman who wears Bracha will become an ambassador and an advocate, not only for the brand, but also for other women, worldwide, so that they too can feel beautiful, strong, glamorous, and free. It's not just jewelry, it’s a movement. Your purchase helps to bring hope and freedom!

Bracha Tropics Tassel Necklace CollectionBracha Pyrite Stone Necklace Collection

Bracha is focused on providing unique, on trend, and affordable pieces without compromising quality, using natural stones, gold-filled metals and semi-precious gemstones.  Pineapples and tassels are EVERYWHERE this summer! That is why we love Bracha’s Tropics Tassel Necklace Collection! There are so many different color options to choose from so you are sure to find one that fits your style! If you are looking for something a little more elegant, then their Pyrite Stone Necklace Collection is perfect! They are made with semi-precious natural gemstone and are always a conversation piece!

ShopbellaC is proud to carry Bracha products in our online boutique store and contribute to their mission of ending modern-day slavery. Be sure to come back and check out our final “Shop for a Cause” blog entry on The Giving Keys!