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For those that love to shop, there are very few things that are more disappointing than not being able to find exactly what you want. Perhaps you saw a special on sweaters and told yourself, "I'll stop by after lunch and pick out a new sweater," only to find that an hour or so later, there's nothing left that you like. At ShopbellaC, your online boutique store, we want our customers to find everything they love, so that's why we let them know when their favorite products are Back in Stock.

With fall in full swing, and winter on it's way (or having arrived in certain parts of the country), this Classic Herringbone Puffer Vest is perfect for the cooler months. Although sold out for a while, we now have a new inventory of this fun and festive vest, so if you've been pondering adding one to your wardrobe, but found there were none left on your last visit to ShopbellaC, take advantage of our restocking and buy one today! We offer flat rate shipping on all orders and if you place a domestic order over $75, you'll receive completely free shipping!

At ShopbellaC, we want our customers to find exactly what they're looking for, and not have the fear that if they wait, their favorite apparel or accessories will be gone. While we do have a limited inventory on everything we sell, we always notify customers when something is back in stock. If you haven't already, sign up for our Newsletter by registering your email at the bottom of this page. That way, you'll always know when something great is happening at ShopbellaC!