ShopbellaC Has New Arrivals Of The Latest Designs With A Bit Of Southern Charm

We get asked all of time, “Where do you find these clothes?  They all have a southern belle elegance I love and can’t find anywhere else.”  Truth is, ShopbellaC was designed to offer the best in boutique fashion while giving you a fun place to shop and relax.  Our online boutique features beautiful clothing and accessories that were handpicked by Laura and Cristie themselves and as owners of ShopbellaC, they do this to create a one of a kind shopping experience.  We love to experience helping you find that perfect outfit that matches not only your personality, but also the charm of what makes you, you!

Growing up in the south has always had an impact on how Cristie and Laura show their style and want you to experience the same each time you shop at our online boutique.  We have you covered from head to toe in fabulous with our collection of dresses, outerwear, pants, jewelry, shoes, and more.  You'll also find a way to show off your fun style with our Lilly Pulitzer collection of accessories, tableware, Bluetooth speakers and more.  We especially love our newest arrivals this season as we have brought in some cute cardigans and tops that still bring the feel of sun-kissed days while having the versatility to keep you comfortable in the cool fall weather.  You will love the way you look and will feel great when you are out and about. Shop at our online store today and love the way you look everyday!