Back to School Essentials


Well, whether you are ready or not, school is back in session!!!  An important lesson we have learned is that saying like 'dress for success,' and 'look good, feel good, do good' aren't just ploys to get you to buy more clothes, but can actually affect your attitude!

We have some great peices for back to school.  Replace your old ratty t-shirt and norts with our soft (Comfort Colors, y'all!) SBC tank paired with tropical themed athletic shorts for cute but comfy workout or study day outfit.



For class, especially test days, we found through our college experience that we did better when we made an effort!  ShopbellaC carries the best fitting skinnies right now in the best colors.  Paired with one of our incredible comfy tees, and you'll be ready to learn!!!! Some tees have bling, sassy sayings, or are just perfect casual tee.  


Organization is key to conquering the school year, and no one said organization can't be cute! Check out the adorable Lilly Planners in stock perfect for ensuring you never forget a test day.  ShopbellaC also has adorable to-go coffee mugs and cups for mornings you're running behind! Or if you are more into Diet Coke, we have a Koozie for that!

Go back to school in style and shop SBC!