Ducks Meet Dresses


If you have not heard of the "Duck Dynasty" show, you might have been living under a rock for quite some time. Whether you enjoy watching the show or not, there is no escaping the bearded men and their beautiful wives. They have books, hats, clothing, toys, and more. You name it, there is probably a Duck Dynasty version of it. While this show of backwoods hunters from West Monroe, Louisiana has made the Robertson family quite famous, it has been their focus on faith and family that has made the biggest impact on America. Until the show aired in 2012, reality TV was mostly focused on dysfunctional families or what happens when you put 20 strangers in one house. Duck Dynasty was a breath of fresh air for television.


With the show's growing popularity, came new business opportunities. One of those new business opportunities was the Missy Robertson Collection by Southern Fashion House. Missy has always been drawn to the fun, bright fashions of the junior section but rarely did those styles fit women the way they were intended to. She wanted to dress age appropriate and be fashion forward at the same time, but there was a big gap between the two. Missy Robertson created her clothing label with the help of designer, Stephanie Carter of Southern Fashion House, to appeal to women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Stephanie and Missy created fun, bright fashions with age appropriate necklines and hemlines. Their designs were intended to be multi-functional whether you wore it to work, the grocery store, or to a nicer dinner. Each dress or blouse has a specific purpose and created with women's figures in mind.  


With all of this being said, SBC could not be more thrilled to carry the Missy Robertson Collection in our Searcy, Arkansas store. Searcy is where Harding University is located. Harding is where many of the older Robertson family attended and the younger generation is rumored to attend. They have deep roots to Harding and a passion for the Lord, like the ladies of ShopbellaC. We can't wait to see what is next for the Missy Robertson line and the rest of the Robertson family!