Earth Day. Giving Back.

 Each year when Earth Day rolls around, we’re reminded of the need to be eco-friendly and love the world we live in. This doesn’t only have to do with picking up your trash, but also about GIVING BACK! We love shopping, but we love it even more when we’re shopping for a cause!

Here at ShopBellaC, we carry various brands that are excellent about giving back to the community. Good Hyouman promises to manufacture all of their products in the US and give back with every purchase made! For every Half-United necklace that is purchased, they give a week of meals to a child in need. How cool is it that fashion can be correlated with doing so much good?!

 So this year for Earth Day, give back! We are all in this together and it takes us all to make the world a better place. If you’re thankful for the world you live in, show it!