Fancy Up Your Workout

It’s mid-April, which means our New Year’s resolutions to stay fit and go to the gym every day have pretty much faded by now. If you’re feeling like you need to work out but are dreading lacing up those tennis shoes, we are here to encourage you to think positively and boost your energy back up! Sometimes all it takes is adding a little something new, like a super cute water bottle or a new workout tank top to get you amped up and ready to go.


When you’re at the gym, it’s totally natural to want to be the most stylish one there. If you’re out of breath and extremely sweaty, at least you can look good while doing it, right? Here at ShopBellaC, we are OBSESSED with the Good Hyouman workout tanks to keep us feeling fresh during our workout! We also absolutely LOVE the “Think It, Want it, Get it” water bottle to remind us to never give up on our goals or ourselves!



When you need a pick-me-up for your workout, don’t be ashamed. You’re not alone! Come check out our selection of water bottles and tanks to make sure you look and feel beautiful, even at the gym!